Eva Marie Pearson presented the program, "How to Have Effective Meetings," at the recent meeting of the Grace Willing Workers Extension Homemakers.

Eva Marie Pearson presented the program, "How to Have Effective Meetings," at the recent meeting of the Grace Willing Workers Extension Homemakers.

The meeting and potluck luncheon, hosted by Mary Smith, Nancy Rosen and Margaret Thomas, was held at the Centennial Fellowship Church at White Hall.

Pearson opened her presentation by stating that every meeting must have a purpose. If you meet with no purpose, members might think twice about returning. Pre-meeting preparation is important to keep the meeting moving along. Thought should be given to finding a place for an effective meeting. Is there plenty of parking room? Is it climate- controlled?

Members were asked to tell what an effective meeting is to them. Staying on task was the answer given by many. Bickering and side conversations were the worst things to happen at a meeting, according to many of the members. Room setup is important. A u-shaped setup is good where there is a speaker or other focal point.

Pearson closed her presentation by stating that standing rules are important to an organization. Everyone should participate, and nobody dominate. After her presentation, she distributed some information on "Elements of a Successful Meeting" from the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture Research and Extension.

Debbie James, club president, conducted the business session. Eleven members from Grace Willing Workers and five guests attended the rose box workshop, taught by Brenda Robinson. Mary Smith and Bettye Johnson taught a ribbon lei workshop for Jefferson County Extension Homemakers.

Members of Grace Willing Workers have had many opportunities to judge at county fairs. Johnson and Liz Crosby judged at the Saline County Fair. James, Marjorie Zuber, Crosby, Robinson, Delores Kelley, and Carolyn and Ray Harness judged at the Arkansas County Fair. Johnson, Dixie Fritz, Rosen, and Kaye Richardson judged at the Lincoln County Fair. James, Zuber, Crosby, Rosen, and Carolyn and Ray Harness went to Russellville to judge the Pope County Fair.

Rosen, team captain, said that Walk Across Arkansas, an eight-week was set to begin. The following people signed up to participate: Rosen, Verdell Baker, Mary Smith, Dot Hart, Zuber, Fritz, Betty Lacy, Thomas, Linda Murray, Kelley, Marynell Cardin, Johnson, Pearson, and Crosby.

Kelley, community service project chairman, requested that everyone bring food for the Transformation Project’s Thanksgiving boxes to the next club meeting. The Transformation Program can also use cereal for its pantry. Members were encouraged to keep working on loom caps, as well as, collecting paper and plastic bags, Red Cross items, soup labels, box tops and coke tabs.

Upcoming events that were discussed included the Southeast Arkansas District Fair, the Delta District Rally, Holiday Foods and Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Fall Council.

Jean Gay, guest of Lacy, was a special guest at the meeting.