June 11

June 11

Tara Oliver, an employee at Big Jim’s on Dollarway Road, reported to Officer Dustin Summers that a man in blue jeans and a dark colored T-shirt pumped gas into his vehicle and drove off without paying. Oliver stated that the man is a regular customer and she believes that he just forgot to pay. The amount of gas taken was worth $75.56.

June 17

A two-vehicle, no injury accident occurred on Dollarway Road in front of Big Jim’s Valero according to a report by Officer Mike Monk. Dawn Ashmore stated that she was exiting the south driveway of Big Jim’s and heading north on Dollarway Road when her vehicle was hit by another vehicle which was driven by Tara Easter. Easter said that she was pulling out of Colonial Park Drive onto Dollarway Road when she collided with Ashmore.

June 19

•Officer Brian Hornsby conducted a traffic stop on Dollarway Road on a vehicle that had illegally tinted windows. Hornsby talked to the driver, Fredrick Lowe, and explained the reason for the stop and asked to see driver’s license, registration, and insurance. Lowe stated that the car belonged to him and his girlfriend. He produced a title and registration that showed the vehicle belonged to Michael A. Scott. Lowe was unable to produce a driver’s license or proof of insurance. Hornsby contacted a 911 operator to run Lowe’s information and discovered that Lowe had a suspended driver’s license. The vehicle was towed by Smith’s Wrecker service and Lowe was arrested. He was taken to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center and booked on driving on a suspended license, no proof of valid insurance, illegal tint and failure to register.

•Sgt. Sandy Castleberry was informed that Joshua Schmall, 23, at of 1007 Jeffery Drive, Pine Bluff, was arrested and being held at the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center. Schmall had an outstanding warrant in White Hall.

June 20

While having dinner at Ameca Restaurant on Dollarway Road, the front passage window of Richard Francis’ Ford F150 was broken. Francis was parked on the south side of the building when the vandalism occurred. Roger Wells told Officer Brian Hornsby that he pulled into the Ameca parking lot and noticed that the vehicle next to his had a broken window and there was glass on the ground. Wells said he then went inside to announce the findings so that the owner could be notified. Wells told the officer that he did not see anyone near the vehicle. Francis, the vehicles owner, did not notice any items missing from the truck.