Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Several voters have called to complain about electioneering violations occurring at the courthouse during early voting. I explained, supervision of early voting is solely the county clerk’s responsibility, and that includes both inside and outside the courthouse for 100 feet from the main entrance used by voters. The county election commission has nothing to do with conducting early voting.

In past elections, I’ve helped the clerk control the madness that occurs but only after obtaining her approval. However, because of recent events involving the clerk and cronies, Carl Redus and Ted Davis, and other violations, I have distanced myself from her.

There is not supposed to be any campaigning or campaign literature inside the courthouse voting area. Candidates and their campaign workers should not be mingling with voters on their way to vote. They certainly should not be asking for votes. If that is occurring, it is up to the county clerk to stop it.

If a voter observes wrongdoing, complain to the county clerk. If she is not around, there should be someone in charge with authority to take action.

Voters can also complain to the state board of election commissioners at (800) 411-6996. Better yet. Call Ted Davis since it is only candidates filed with the county committee he chairs committing the alleged violations, and he is chairman of the election commission as well.

Stu Soffer

Minority Party Election Commissioner

White Hall