The Jefferson County Election Commission on Monday certified the results of the Nov. 8 General Election but not without a bit of drama about the process.

The issue was not with the results themselves but with a form from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office that had to be included with the results.

Commission Secretary Stu Soffer, one of two Republicans on the commission, initially refused to sign the form, which he called “outdated” because it listed a Democratic Commissioner, Republican Commissioner and a Third Member Commissioner.

“The term Third Member Commissioner went out years ago,” Soffer said.

Since the 2014 General Election when the Republican Party became the majority party in Arkansas by virtue of winning all of the state’s constitutional offices, election commissions in each of the state’s 75 counties are supposed to consist of two Republicans and one Democrat.

The form, which Elections Coordinator Stacy Brown printed from the Secretary of State’s website Monday morning, was in a format that could not be edited. Commission Chairman Mike Adam, the second Republican on the commission, performed a cut and paste, copying the form, cutting out the line saying Republican Commissioner, and taping it over the line that said Third Member Commissioner, then having the form copied again in the format Soffer said was correct.

On another matter, the commission voted to send information provided by the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office on several voters who apparently voted twice, once during early voting and the second time on Nov. 8, to the prosecutor.

Initially, the clerk referred the names and copies of the voter books for five individuals, but after the commission examined those five, they determined that two of them had not voted twice.

Instead, in those two cases, the person whose name appeared before their in the books signed on the wrong line.

“The clerk’s office referred two names to us … I don’t think they should have,” Soffer said.