Southern Arkansas University Tech at Camden recently released the fall 2016 Chancellor’s List and Dean’s List including the following from Southeast Arkansas:

Anthony Gardner of Banks, Chancellor’s List; Dylan Wolfe of Rison, Chancellor’s List; Patricia Ray of Sparkman, Chancellor’s List; Caleb Brixie of Monticello, Chancellor’s List; Cole Brixie of Monticello, Chancellor’s List;

Ti Kelly of Pine Bluff, Chancellor’s List; Keaton Sanchez of White Hall, Chancellor’s List; Nathan Whipple of Star City, Chancellor’s List; Steve Acuapa of Warren, Dean’s List;

Brandon Doss of Rison, Dean’s List; Caleb Kimbrell of Rison, Dean’s List; Wendy Mitchell of Rison, Dean’s List; Trenton Williams of Rison, Dean’s List;

Terry Jones of Fordyce, Dean’s List; Bailey Kea of Fordyce, Dean’s List; Natoya Warfield of Fordyce, Dean’s List; Gregory Barnard of Monticello, Dean’s List.