The Arkansas State Highway Commission approved a bid for improvements to 351 freeway off-ramps throughout the state, including several in Jefferson County.

Ewing Signal Construction LLC of Nixa, Missouri, received the contract at $3,098,847, according to Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department officials.

The purpose of this project is to install off-ramp improvements such as sign replacements, lowered signs and ramp delineations. Construction is scheduled to begin in two to four weeks, weather permitting. Completion is expected in late 2017.

The work includes the following exit numbers and crossroads off Interstate 530 in Jefferson County:

Exit 20 Highway 46; Exit 24 Stagecoach Road; Exit 27 Gravel Pit Road; Exit 30 Highway 104; Exit 32 Highway 256/Holland; Exit 34 Highways 270/365; Exit 36 Princeton Pike/Barraque Street; Exit 37, 13th Avenue and Hepburn Street; Exit 39 Highways 79B/54; Exit 41 Old Warren Road; Exit 42 Hazel Street; and Exit 43 Highways 63/63B.

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