Willing Workers of White Hall’s Extension Homemakers Club met Feb. 28 at the White Hall Library. President Cheri Aronowitz welcomed everyone and Sarah Payton read the thought of the month, “A toothbrush works great to clean lemon rind, cheese, onion etc. out of the grater before washing it.”

Vice President Karen Needler led members in the Homemaker’s Creed. Marnette Reed read the Handy Hint “If a task is once begun, never leave it until it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.” Reed read the inspiration from Colossians 3:33-34.

Secretary Elizabeth Wall called the roll with members answering the question “Have you ever used a power tool?” Members present were: Aronowitz, Needler, Payton, Reed, Dee Kindrick, Peggie Barbaree, Jo Ann Carr, and Wall. Rachel Reed, daughter-in-law of Marnette Reed was a guest.

Barbaree, community service chairwoman, reported 100 caps had been delivered to the Arkansas Cancer Institute. At the birthday gathering in February she gave several members 20 dolls each that she had drawn on the material for them to cut out for Arkansas Children’s Hospital and had brought more. She is working on the afghan for the community service project for December. She also reported she has 25 pillows cut out ready to be sewn for Children’s Hospital. Cereal was collected for the White Hall Food Pantry.

Carr, education chairwoman, reminded members of the County Craft Workshop on March 23 at the County Extension Office. Brenda Robinson will teach a class on making Easter eggs using yarn and a balloon. Participants must register in advance.

Dee Kindrick, recreation Leader, passed out a travel guide book and encouraged members to go outside and smell the flowers. She recommended visiting “Y” Mountain and Garvan Gardens as good places to visit this time of year.

Kindrick presented the program on “Small Power Tools for Seniors from a Woman’s Prospective.” She displayed small and large tools, explained their use and advised when working with tools wear good shoes and safety glasses. She recommended getting a tool kit for craft items. She brought pieces of wood that had been cut for members to make a tool board to hold a hammer, screwdrivers and pliers and suggested members decorate them and enter them in the fair.

Aronowitz announced that the Daffodil Festival in Camden was coming up in March and that Kid’s Fest would be in April at the White Hall City Park and that the club would be helping at the County EHC booth with a kid’s craft project and also promoting the pecan fundraiser.

She also announced that more turbans are needed at the Arkansas Cancer Institute and that the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences needs lap throws/robes. Members were encouraged to sign up and go on the county fellowship trip to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs March 24. Aronowitz appointed a nominating committee of Sarah Payton, Chairman, Barbaree and Shiela Childers to select a slate of officers for the club for 2017-19.

Walk Across Arkansas Fall Certificates were presented to Wall, Carr, Kindrick and Payton. Dale Payton and Catherine Atkinson were also members of the fall team. Spring Walk Across Arkansas started Feb. 26. Payton read a story at the close of the meeting “Effects from a Tazer.”

Refreshments of broccoli cheese soup, crackers, olive nut sandwiches, cream cheese and jalapeño jelly, brownies, and King Cake were furnished by Carr, Reed and Aronowitz.