An investigation that began in November with a report that several forged checks had been cashed at different locations resulted in the arrest of a man who allegedly admitted cashing one of the checks.

Jonathan Erwin, 33, allegedly told police he received a $120 check from someone other than the owner and cashed it. Erwin, who was in jail on a non-related offense, denied ever signing that check or others that were used in the Pine Bluff area with the victim’s name on them.

According to a probable cause affidavit from Pine Bluff Police Detective Kaylon McDaniel, he received information from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and from the victim, identifying Erwin as one of the suspects. The victim said he had let Erwin and a few others stay at his residence, and when he put them out, he discovered that several check books were missing.

The alleged victim said he was contacted by his bank about several checks that were cashed in Pine Bluff, including the $120 check at a gas station on Hazel Street.

An investigation into the forgeries is continuing in an attempt to locate other suspects.