Marriages licenses recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk’s office:

Calvin Rodriguez Green, 32, and Liza Lea Holt, 35, both of Clarksville, recorded April 11.

Jeffrey Hill, 48, of Pine Bluff, and Stephanie Ann Gahagan, 46, of Salladasburg, Pa., recorded April 13.


Divorces granted according to the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk’s Office:

Clemmie Lovett v. Maria Lovett, granted April 11.

Misty Jones v. Jonathan Crow, granted April 3.

Michael Eades v. Sarah Eades, granted April 6.

Vicki Powell v. Stephen Powell, granted April 4.

Joey Presley v. Valerie Presley, granted April 3.

George Eggleston v. Carolyn Eggleston, granted April 4.

Thomas Haynes v. Debbie Haynes, granted April 10.

Stacy Gray v. Clifford Gray, granted April 10.

Kelli Hartsfield v. Kevin Hartsfield, granted April 7.

Tasheena Marks v. Nicholas Marks, granted April 4.

Muriel Mayfield v. Clyde Mayfield, granted April 11.

Latasha Nave v. Jeffery Rutherford, granted April 10.

Dwight Haynes v. Theresa Haynes, granted April 6.

Anthony Robinson v. Teresa Robinson, granted April 4.

Latasha Reed v. Christopher Reed, granted April 3.