The crew of the this fully-restored 1935 DC-3, the 'Flagship Detroit,' are preparing to start its Wright Cyclone radial engines Wednesday afternoon at Grider Field at the Pine Bluff Regional Airport. The crew brought the fully-operational aircraft to gas up while they had lunch in the Grider Field Restaurant. The plane was in service with American Airlines from 1936 until 1947. After that, ownership and use of it bounced around until it was acquired the Flagship Detroit Foundation in 2004. Members of the non-profit organization restored the aircraft to 100 percent original condition, plus modern instrumentation that brings it up to FAA standards to operate in large airports. The not-for-profit has no connection to American Airlines, “but we are good friends,” said one of the pilots. Years ago, airplanes of this model provided regular passenger service at Grider Field. Special to the Commercial/Joe Dempsey