Living in the beautiful state of Arkansas, we are no strangers to hot temperatures and high humidity. Outdoor exercisers either have to move indoors for the AC or wake up at the crack of dawn before the temperature starts climbing! But wouldn't it be great to exercise outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without sweating? To be able to do high impact, calorie blasting exercises without hurting your knees and back? Well, look no further – the Pine Bluff Wellness Center has an exercise program just for that!

The program is called Water in Motion, and it combines cardiovascular training and muscle toning exercise in the massaging environment of the pool. Water in Motion is a 55-minute total body workout that utilizes land-based exercises in a low impact environment while maintaining a high intensity workout.

Also, just like our Les Mills programs, it is driven by energizing music. Participants are able to experience a great cardiovascular workout without the pull of gravity on their joints. Water in Motion also requires little or no experience so you will not feel like a duck out of water! In fact, participants are encouraged to move at their own comfort level and take breaks when needed. The exercises are simple to follow; you just let the water resistance do the work!

The program is broken down into different working tracks that teach you how to use your arms and legs in different directions to create resistance in the water, providing a great cardio calorie burn and muscle training workout. We also get to use those fun water noodles that you see in the store to work our arms, legs and core!! Certain tracks allow you to use teamwork with a friend, or you can double the calorie burn by yourself.

So, just to ease your fears, let me reassure you that there is no need to fear the deep water because the Water in Motion program takes place in the shallow end of the pool. Also, you do not have to be self-conscious about your body because there are no "Bay Watch Bikinis" in the pool! I mean come on, we have to be practical in our swim wear because we are running, jumping, kicking and tucking in the water! Also, the water provides plenty of coverage/shield for your body, so not even the person next to you can tell what you look like exercising in the pool!

What you will see is smiling faces, healthier and stronger bodies and maybe the occasional cannon ball! In fact, the only thing you need to worry about is bringing a water bottle, towel, sun screen, sun glasses and water shoes.

While you’re planning your summer vacations, plan on making a trip to the Wellness Center to get information on class times and location and join us for Water in Motion!

The JRMC Wellness Centers, located in Pine Bluff and White Hall, offer a variety of fitness options for all ages and interests. Free weights, machines, cardio equipment, personal trainers and a full schedule of Les Mills classes are available at both facilities. For more information call the Pine Bluff (541-7890) or White Hall (850-8000) facility.