Sandy Smith presented the program, “Senior Summer Safety,” at the recent meeting of the Heart-N-Hands Extension Homemakers at the Centennial Fellowship at White Hall.

Smith opened her program by stressing the importance of drinking water, essential for many of the body functions. People become more susceptible to dehydration with age. Side effects of medicine can also cause dehydration. Signs of dehydration in senior adults include confusion, difficulty walking, dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, inability to sweat or produce tears, rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, constipation and sunken eyes.

Smith also stressed keeping cool in summer, knowing the effects that medicines have on the body in the summer, layering clothes in the summer, the importance of sunscreen, knowing the symptoms of heat-related illnesses, and enjoying outdoor summer activities.

She also mentioned checking on neighbors, increasing one’s social circle, home safety, car safety and protecting oneself from mosquito bites.

Debbie James, club president, welcomed everyone to the meeting. She thanked Kaye Richardson, Nancy Rosen, Shirley Shelley, Brenda Robinson and Delores Kelley for working at Kid’s Fest along with herself.

Nancy Rosen, special community service project chairwoman, continued collecting money for T-shirts and hair care for needy residents at Davis Life Care Center.

James announced that Cathy Lewis taught a Wooden Cross Workshop for Heart-N-Hands. Participants included Richardson, Audrey Armstrong, Patsy Brown, Lynda Toler, Donna McGowan, Doris Turbeville, Loretta Jordan, Linda Murray, Shelley, Rosen, James, Kelley, Smith, Margaret Thomas, Robinson and Jody Stout.

Linda Works, a member of Grace Willing Workers Extension Homemakers Club, taught a Placemat Pillow Workshop at the Extension office. Heart-N-Hands participants were: James, Smith, Vivian Gerlach, Patsy Brown, Barbra Freeman, Shelley, Rosen, Carolyn Harness and Kathryn Brown.

Richardson brought two decorated wine bottles and Robinson brought a beaded cake server for Show and Tell. Members will have an opportunity to make these crafts at future workshops.

Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons without discrimination.