A Pine Bluff alderman said Tuesday that Waste Management, Inc. has been unresponsive to residents’ concerns with garbage disposal.

The City of Pine Bluff contracts with Waste Management to provide waste disposal services in the city. Alderman Donald Hatchett said Tuesday, however, that the “number one complaint” he hears from residents at neighborhood watch meetings is poor service and lack of responsiveness from the company.

“I had several visits with [a Waste Management representative] about a discussion about an option for a transfer site in Pine Bluff,” Hatchett said. “And he has not responded. And that has been over two months ago. That’s in line with what I hear from citizens, no response.”

A transfer site would be a dumping site for large items such as mattresses and furniture. It would cost the same amount to dump there as the landfill, but save residents a long trip.

Hatchett asked Evelyn Horton, director of the city’s quality of life division, whether the Waste Management representative knew that aldermen wanted him to attend Tuesday’s meeting of the City Council’s Public Health and Welfare Committee. Aldermen Win Trafford and Bruce Lockett sit on the committee along with Hatchett.

“He did know previously that he was supposed to be here?” Hatchett asked.

“Yes,” Horton said. “…I just called to see if he was going to be coming. I haven’t heard from him yet. I will continue to do what I do.”

As proof, Horton passed out emails she had sent to the representative.

“I’ve seen all these emails, what I’ve never seen are replies,” Trafford said. “Does he not ever reply to these emails?”

“Never replies,” Horton said.

Horton suggested the city might have more success by communicating with the representative’s boss, who is based in Little Rock.