Formal charges have been filed against a White Hall man accused of stabbing another man to death on April 15 during an altercation.

Prosecuting Attorney S. Kyle Hunter charged Vincent Lee Hooper, 47, with first-degree murder in the death of Tommy Darren Tumlin, 47, who was pronounced dead inside a house at 9918 U.S. 270. The cause of death was listed as multiple stab wounds. Hooper was arrested at the scene, and when questioned allegedly told sheriff's investigator Terry Wingard “he could not remember why they were arguing or what happened during the argument.”

According to a probable cause affidavit from Wingard that was presented in district court on April 17, Deputy Glen Barnes was sent to the house, where Hooper told him that he was in a physical altercation with Tumlin, his friend.

“Vincent said he did not try to hurt Tommy,” Barnes said in his report.

When Wingard arrived at the house, he interviewed Michelle Hooper, who said that she and her daughter were at home in the swimming pool when Hooper and Tumlin arrived home from fishing. She said she and her daughter got out of the pool and went inside to change clothes when Vincent got angry with her and advanced toward her in an aggressive manner.

Michelle Hooper told Wingard that Tumlin stood up and told Vincent “he was not going to do that” while he (Tumlin) was there. Tumlin then stood between Vincent and the female. She said she and her daughter got into their vehicle and started to leave, but when she looked back, she “saw Vincent approach Tommy in an aggressive manner.”

Michelle Hooper said she received a call from her husband asking her to come home; when she arrived, she saw her husband was covered with blood, then saw Tumlin on the kitchen floor “covered in blood and appearing lifeless.” She then called 911.

Wingard reported that as he approached the house, he saw a knife with an approximate 7-inch blade lying adjacent to the front steps; the knife had a reddish brown stain on it that appeared to be blood. He also reported that Tumlin had a laceration under his left arm pit and multiple lacerations to his back.

Hooper was interviewed by Wingard and Sgt. John Bean. After waiving his rights, he said he remembered his wife leaving the house and remembered that he and Tumlin were alone. He also said he remembered seeing Tumlin lying on the floor of the kitchen covered in blood and said he panicked because Tumlin was not breathing. Hooper said he started to leave the house in Tumlin's car because “he was afraid of losing his family and going back to prison.”

Wingard showed Hooper the knife with what appeared to be blood on it, and Hooper identified the knife as belonging to him, saying it was the one he carried with him when he went fishing.

Bond for Hooper was set at $500,000; during the probable cause hearing in April, the Public Defender's Office was appointed to represent him.