The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a plane crash that occurred Friday at Pine Bluff Regional Airport/Grider Field. A Cessna 170-B carrying three people crashed while landing at the airport Friday afternoon, Pine Bluff Regional Airport Grider Field Manager Doug Hale said. No one was injured.

“Our staff called 911. The Pine Bluff Fire Department and Pine Bluff Police Department responded,” Hale said. “We removed the aircraft from the runway. I issued a notice to airmen to close the runway. The FAA is investigating as is standard procedure.”

Hale declined to identify the pilot other than to say it is a man who lives in Tennessee. Hale was not working that day and was notified by airport employees that there was an incident; he responded immediately.

“I was not on site when the aircraft had the incident,” Hale said. “I am not sure of the cause. It occurred during landing. It tore up the aircraft. He put a lot of work into it. The aircraft was made in the late 1950s. An aircraft this age is very common. The insurance adjusters will come out and evaluate the aircraft to determine if it totalled or repairable.”

The last time a plane had an accident or incident at Pine Bluff Regional Airport was less than a year ago, Hale said. A Piper Comanche had an incident that occurred due to a mechanical failure. Hale defined an accident as substantial non-repairable damage to the aircraft or a collision that resulted in injuries whereas an incident is less severe.