Southwood Elementary School faculty and staff bid farewell to Principal Alfred Carroll and many of the teachers at Southwood on June 27.

Carroll, along with other educators, are being reassigned to different schools in the district since Southwood will be reconfigured as a kindergarten through first grade school for the 2017-18 school year, he said recently.

Carroll has been transferred to head up a new elementary Alternative Learning Environment in the Pine Bluff School District where he will be principal/director, he said.

During the farewell ceremony, Carroll received a plaque during a roast and toast that was complete with sparkling cider in wine glasses, a spokeswoman said.

Nicole Anderson, a long-time educator, said she will miss her Southwood family and her school will forever be in her heart.

Students, faculty and staff honored the educators.

“Dr. Carroll will always be noted as a well rounded principal that had a great vision for the school,” the spokeswoman said.