The Davis Life Care Assisted Living Facilities announced winners of the 2017 pageant — King John Bell and Queen Maeola Allen. Both are residents at Garden Pointe Assisted Living Facility.

The 2017 runner up king is Troy Gooseberry and runner up queen is Linda Griggs. Both are residents at Whispering Knoll Assisted Living Facility.

“As the kings and queens entered the room with glamour and glitz, the families and friends waited patiently to see who would be crowned,” a spokeswoman said in a news release.

“During the pageant, a 90-year-old gentleman stood from the back of the room and wanted the audience to know that this 92-year-old queen was his FOREVER QUEEN. They left the pageant holding hands and had the biggest smiles. Now this ended the day with such a memorable moment,” the spokeswoman said.