Team camp at Bulldog Stadium on Tuesday had a Southeast Arkansas feel to it, with three out of the four teams participating being from the region. The White Hall Bulldogs were the hosts, and the three other teams who took part were Pine Bluff Dollarway, Monticello and Hot Springs.

Dollarway and Monticello are members of the 8-4a; White Hall and Hot Springs are members of the 5A South. In some form or fashion, each team had at least one of their regular season opponents in attendance, and that made for a competitive camp.

Before they took the field for competition, White Hall head coach Mike Vaughn gathered everybody in a huddle to explain the format of the camp. At the end of his message he made it clear that this is a learning camp, and it's meant to aid each team in getting better.

From talking with Vaughn after the camp it's safe to say he believes things went as planned.

"I thought it went really well," Vaughn said. "Every team played well and it was a clean camp. Everybody got after it and nobody got hurt. The camp was about teaching a lot, and for the most part we kept it simple. I think everybody got something out of it and that's what it's about."

This was the third camp of the summer for the Bulldogs, and Vaughn has seen a steady growth in his team.

"I think we've gotten better every camp," Vaughn said. "The defense is looking good and the offense is right there with them coming along. It gives us experience and that's always good. The way we're handling things it's all about improvement. The quarterbacks are getting a lot of repetition, and we need that. The older guys we know what they can do, and we're seeing more form our younger guys."

Vaughn mentioned getting quarterback reps, as they're in the process of implementing a new starter. The two that are working at quarterback right now are Ollie Reddick and Josh Looney. Reddick got the most snaps on Tuesday, and Looney played a lot at wide receiver.

"Ollie did a real good job today," Vaughn said. "He's a tremendous athlete, and he's fast. Josh played a lot of receiver, and he showed he can play both. Ollie has a long way to go, but he has such good feet and speed when he does make a mistake he'll be able to tuck it and go. We'll use both of them in some way or another."

The Dollarway Cardinals, led by head coach Lee Hardman, showed up with a bigger, more physical group of guys compared to this time last year. Hardman is in his second year of his second tenure at Dollarway, and he's on a mission to rebuild the football success for the Cardinals. Hardman came away pleased with what he saw Tuesday.

"I thought it was a great atmosphere," Hardman said. "Four pretty good teams out there with Hot Springs, White Hall, and Monticello. All the teams were excited about playing. It gave us an opportunity to see where we stand in a game type situation."

"We have a few more players than we had last year," Hardman continued. "We still have some that we're expecting to show up on the 31st. One of the main things with us is getting experience. The second thing is we need to build our depth. We don't want players having to go both ways the entire ball game."

Hardman admitted that while he saw improvement in his team, there's still plenty of room to build on what they've done so far.

"The key thing is the good effort the guys have put forward," Hardman said. "We were able to see some major improvement in some of the guys. We have to build on that and improve each time out. We have another chance to that on Thursday."

Thursday, White Hall will host another team camp. Dollarway, Mills and Fordyce will participate. The camp will begin at 10 a.m. at Bulldog stadium in White Hall.