This past week, the Dollarway Cardinals opened their fall football camp under Head Coach Lee Hardman. Hardman is in his second tenure at Dollarway, and he's spearheading a rebuilding stage for the football program.

Catching up with Hardman on Friday, he spoke about how things were going during week one. The Cardinals are having to work with what they have right now, which isn't their full roster.

"I think the first week of practice has gone about how we expected it to," Hardman said "We have some guys out because of vacation, and some out because they're working. All that should end today, and hopefully next week we'll have 90-95 percent of the guys out here working hard and trying to get ready to play."

During week one, the load for the players wasn't too heavy, as it mainly consisted of getting back into the flow of things. Although they weren't fully dressed out, Hardman and staff took full advantage of the practice time.

"What we've started out with this week is just mainly conditioning," Hardman said. "Just getting familiar with our offensive and defensive plays, and working on special teams. With no shoulder pads on we're basically just teaching."

Inexperience is something that they've had to deal with early on. According to Hardman, this is new to a number of his guys, so in a sense they've had to dial it back.

"We have a lot of guys that have not played football before," Hardman said. "A lot of it is new to them, and conditioning is new to them. We had some to throw-up because they're not use to this conditioning, and the heat that they're in. We had to back off just a little bit and bring them on a little slower simply because they don't have the experience right now."

Getting back to winning ways is the ultimate goal for Dollarway football, but Hardman understands that it's not going to happen over night. Ultimately, the players are having fun while learning the game.

"We just have to teach them basic fundamentals," Hardman said. "We can't put so much on them to where they can't do it, we have to work the kids where they understand the process. It'll take a little time, but they seem to be liking it and we'll just keep working."

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