The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office reminds voters to bring identification with them when preparing to vote.

“Our office has received a few calls from voters who are not aware the law exists nor what the requirements will be when they cast their vote,” County Clerk Shawndra Taggart said in a news release. “We are being proactive by getting the word out.”

The new law, ACT 633, requires voters in the upcoming school board election and subsequent elections to show photo identification or cast a provisional ballot by signing a sworn statement attesting that the voter is registered to vote in Arkansas and that he or she is the person registered to vote.

“The county clerk is committed to ensuring that the Jefferson County residents are given the sufficient notice to prepare themselves prior to early voting,” Taggart said.

Acceptable forms of identification include, but are not limited to, a driver’s license, photo identification, concealed handgun carry license, United States passport, an employee badge or identification document issued by an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the state of Arkansas.

Details: Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, 870-541.5322.