Debbie James, president, welcomed members and guests to the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Fall Council. The fall harvest was held in the Extension Service conference room which was decorated using elaborate fall items.

Brenda Robinson, president-elect, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Margaret Thomas, inspiration chairwoman, gave the inspiration. The EHC Creed was led by Delores Kelley, treasurer. Vivian Gerlach, secretary, called the roll.

Marnette Reed, vice president, introduced the speaker, Teresa Horton, a geriatric nurse practitioner. She is the director of education at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences South Central Center on Aging.

Horton’s program was on diabetes. Horton stated that diabetes is a chronic condition that can have serious complications. Diabetes must be managed. People who are diagnosed with diabetes should consider what they can do to help their condition.

Mary Ann Kizer, Jefferson County Family and Community Sciences agent, presented Certificates of Achievement for exceptional community service and leadership to the following members: Debbie James, Marnette Reed, Connie Herrin, Jo Ann Carr, Linda Works, Brenda Robinson, Sarah Payton, Delores Kelley, Kaye Richardson, Patsy Brown, Nancy Rosen, Bettye Johnson, Margaret Thomas, Vivian Gerlach, Cheri Aronowitz, Ray Harness, Jo Segars, Betty Lacy, Debbie Staton, Sandy Smith, Cathy Lewis, Lynda Toler, Carolyn Harness and Nancy Sumner.

The following awards were presented for the time covered during the previous EHC year: Scrapbook — 1st place — Willing Workers of White Hall, 2nd place — Heart-N-Hands EHC, 3rd place — Camden Road EHC; Secretary Book — 1st place — Heart-N-Hands EHC, 2nd place — Willing Workers of White Hall, 3rd place — Grace Willing Workers; Honor Club — 1st place-Heart-N-Hands EHC, 2nd place — Willing Workers of White Hall, 3rd place — Grace Willing Workers.

Mums were given as door prizes. Reed, vice president, recognized the clubs for their responsibilities: Decorations — Camden Road EHC, Registration — Willing Workers of White Hall, Hostesses — Grace Willing Workers and Lunch Bunch, and Clean-Up — Heart-N-Hands EHC.

Jones blessed the food, and James adjourned the group to a potluck luncheon.

Members brought three identical non-perishable food items to the fall council which were divided between three food pantries at Neighbor-to-Neighbor, White Hall Food Pantry, and the Transformation Project at Centennial Fellowship Church as a community service project.