The Pine Bluff School District’s Title I Parent & Family Resource Center is spearheading National Parental Engagement Month in November, according to a news release.

Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington is issuing a proclamation declaring November as National Parental Engagement Month and Nov. 16 as National Parental Engagement Day in the city of Pine Bluff. The effort encourages parents to remain actively engaged in the education of their children, according to a news release. release.

Some of the activities planned at schools include Thanksgiving luncheons with teachers, parents, students and the community; parent meetings; family math, science and literacy nights; parent read aloud; Bubble Day; free, age appropriate book give away at the Parent Center; educational resources for parents; books in the barbershops distributed; Knowledge Bowl study guides distributed to schools; health fair at Belair Academy; and parent workshop at 34th Elementary School presented by the Parent Center.

The Pine Bluff School District emphasizes parental engagement all year long, according to the release.

“When it comes to parental engagement, the research is clear. When students have highly engaged families, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities, they get higher grades, have fewer disciplinary problems, higher test scores, higher graduation rates, achieve at higher levels, and are more likely to be successful throughout their entire life,” according to the release.

“Being an engaged parent can simply mean doing the little things that matter, like checking homework folders, going to parent math and literacy nights, volunteering at your child’s school, checking your child’s grades, attending parent-teacher conferences, being informed about what your child is learning and how they are succeeding in the classroom,” according to the release.

Details: Freddie Jolivette, Parent Center coordinator, 870-850-2008 or 850-2009.