Pine Bluff High School students donated 8,599 food items Friday at their Turkey Court assembly in the McFadden Gym to help feed hungry people this Thanksgiving.

The food will be distributed through the Salvation Army, Neighbor to Neighbor and the Delta Network Food Bank. As part of the ceremony, a select group of students modeled fashionable clothes and struck poses on a runway in the gymnasium. Their fellow students cheered from the stands. Pine Bluff High School Art Club President Justin Thomasson welcomed students to the assembly. He said each class was charged to donate canned food items.

Pine Bluff High School senior class president Crystal Barnes recognized Neighbor to Neighbor executive director Charlotte England, Salvation Army Lts. Sarah and Kyle Madison and advisory board member Pauline Cherry, and Delta Network Food Bank Director Jacqueline Ross.

“We cannot wait to share our donations with you,” Barnes said. “We appreciate you and thank you.”

Pine Bluff High School art teacher Shalisha Thomas organized the annual Turkey Court outreach assembly. She thanked students, parents, community members and faculty members for giving food.

“These are three organizations that your hard work and dedication are going to,” Thomas said. “We thank you so much for giving.”

The freshman class donated 322 food items, the sophomore class gave 2,013 food items, the junior class gave 2,984 food items and the senior class gave 3,280 food items. Pine Bluff High School Principal Kenneth Moore asked the students to show their gratitude toward Thomas and other teachers by clapping. Moore spoke to the students, and listed the reasons to be excited about their school.

“Maybe now you can understand why I am the happiest man in Pine Bluff,” Moore said. “To be the principal of this great school with the best of everything: the best teachers, the best students, the best parents. You can’t go wrong with that type of team.”

Moore asked the students to join with him in “checking off a few things” that represent its strengths. Moore mentioned recent activities: a bonfire, a Halloween haunted house and Turkey Court, and he predicted that Pine Bluff High School Zebras football team would win Friday and that the class of 2018 will have the highest percent of graduates.

Several groups of students performed with song and dance. The Color Guard presented the colors. Students and guests stood at the start of the ceremony for the playing of the National Anthem.