The suspect in a shooting that killed one man and injured a second in September will be held without bond at the adult detention center while prosecutors prepare formal charges against him.

Following a court hearing Friday morning, Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney ruled prosecutors have probable cause to charge Kevin Rauls, 27, with capital murder, first-degree battery, committing a terroristic act and with being a felon in possession of a firearm stemming from an incident on Sept. 10.

Rauls is accused of firing shots at a car on the parking lot of the car wash at 2401 S. Olive St., which resulted in injuries to Roderick Burnett and Douglas Porter. Both men ran to the Sonic Drive-In next door, where police and an ambulance were called.

Burnett was pronounce dead at the hospital; Porter was treated and later released. According to a probable cause affidavit from Pine Bluff Police Detective Ryan Moheb. a white 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe was found in one of the car wash stalls that had multiple bullet holes in it and blood inside the vehicle. When Porter was interviewed, he said he was inside that vehicle when he was shot and confirmed that Burnett had been the driver.

Moheb also reported that multiple shell casings were found on the north and east sides of the car wash, and during the court hearing, Deputy Prosecutor Maxie Kizer said there were approximately 60 shell casings from both handguns and a rifle.

One witness to the shooting identified Rauls as the driver of a darkcolored Nissan Altima that was seen on the parking lot. The witness said he saw Burnett go to the white Chevrolet, retrieve a handgun and fire the handgun at Rauls.

The witness said when the Nissan drove off, he heard additional shots. A second witness said Rauls was the driver of the Nissan, and when Burnett fired a shot at Rauls, Rauls then parked the Nissan on the north side of the car wash with the vehicle facing the north side driveway.

Rauls then got out of the car with a rifle and went behind the car wash while other occupants also exited the vehicle. The witness also told police they heard multiple gunshots after Rauls and the other occupants got out of the vehicle.

After the shooting, Rauls and the others got back in the vehicle and left the scene. The same witness told police they had seen Rauls on Facebook and identified him as the one who drove the car, grabbed the rifle, and committed the shooting. Security video from Sonic showed one suspect shooting at the Tahoe from the west side of the car wash and a second suspect shooting at the vehicle from the east side behind the car wash stalls.

Rauls, while using the Facebook user name “De’Leon Rauls,” said on Sept. 27 that he was shot at but the shooter missed. Rauls said he shot back and struck him (Burnett). Moheb reported that Rauls was located on Wednesday and taken to the adult detention center; when Moheb went to interview him, Rauls asked to speak to an attorney.

During the court hearing Friday, Kizer said an attorney from West Helena contacted prosecutors and advised them that he would be representing Rauls. Rauls was also ordered to have no contact with Porter until the case is settled.