Pine Bluff Aviation Commissioners have planned to install a sign for at least five months yet are running into problems related to the city’s zoning regulations.

Pine Bluff Regional Airport Grider Field Manager Doug Hale gave an update on the status of the planned sign Thursday at a meeting with the commissioners. Hale said he learned the City of Pine Bluff Zoning and Inspection Department requires the sign to have only one leg.

“We need to resolve the design issues,” Hale said. “There were some issues with Pine Bluff Zoning (stating) the sign can only have one pole. We either need to make two signs to put there or correct it and have one sign.”

Pine Bluff Aviation Commissioners Dr. Michele Pashkevich, Harvey Sizemore, Rocky Thornburgh, Tommy Palmer, Ken Johnson and Kenneth Collins heard from Hale at their Thursday meeting. At the July meeting, the commissioners approved spending $1,300 to buy a sign from Arkansas Correctional Industries and place it on Highway 65 to direct people to Pine Bluff Regional/Airport Grider Field.

Hale said that Arkansas Correctional Industries recommends the sign have at least two legs to support its own weight and to be strong enough to withstand wind shear.

“(ACI) did not recommend having an L-shaped sign on one pole, but zoning and inspection will not let us put two poles on one sign,” Hale said.

Commission chairman Ken Johnson said he is angry with the bureaucracy and regulations. Commissioners have been discussing this matter for at least three months.

“We are simply trying to get a sign for the airport and it’s almost like every time we come up with something we have to go through this regulation and interpretation,” Johnson said. “ … In retrospect, I wish we had put the sign up there and been done with it. We would be further ahead. We are getting this gridlock with what’s going on down there in zoning. And it is holding us in a position where we can’t tell customers and the general public where the airport is.”

Johnson asked Hale to ask ACI to design the sign to pacify the zoning department regulations.

Commissioner Keidra Burrell was absent.