Committees of the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Tuesday will consider an appropriation ordinance that would transfer money from the Jefferson County Road Fund to the General Fund to pay half the expenses of the county judge’s chief of staff and to pay half the expenses for personnel in the Office of Emergency Management.

The committees meet at 5:30 p.m. at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Jefferson County Judge Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV signed a court order that would transfer $35,622.36, which will pay half the salary and benefits for his Chief of Staff, Lloyd Franklin II. According to the accompanying paperwork, Franklin will be paid $55,000 annually plus benefits.

Wilkins’ office will eliminate two personnel slots — those of executive assistant and legislative assistant — to create the chief of staff position, as well as a director of operations position.

Franklin’s salary will be the same as the amount paid to the legislative assistant under former county judge Dutch King.

The court order from Wilkins also transfers $62,684.99 from the Road Fund to County General to pay half the expenses for personnel in the Office of Emergency Management, including the director, logistics officer and administrative assistant.

In other business Tuesday, the county’s legislative body will consider a proposed appropriation ordinance that would give bonuses to juvenile court employees. The money will come from salary savings from an employee who was ill and resigned.

The proposed bonuses will range from $1,000 for one employee who has 18 years or more of experience to $450 for five employees who have been with juvenile court less than a year.

Another proposed appropriation ordinance would award bonuses to employees of Metropolitan Emergency Communications Association, who will receive salary increases based on a vote by the MECA Board in November.

Employees will finish out the year at the adjusted rate.

Also on the agenda is a proposed appropriation ordinance for the county Road Department for $106,591.37 that the county received from an insurance company for damage to a bridge on Willie Jackson Road. Of that money, $105,000 will be used for parts and supplies, and the remaining $1,591.37 is for professional services.

Another reimbursement — this one from the Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District for $13,796.49 that the recycling department had spent on equipment and utilities and is currently in County General — is being asked to be moved to the Recycling Department.