Sederick Rice, Ph.D, an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, is collaborating with the Ivy Center for Education in robotics and programming, according to a news release.

Rice introduced the robotics program to Ivy Center students in 2015. Since then, many of the students have enrolled at UAPB and are seeking degrees in industrial technology management/applied engineering and biology. This year, two students he mentored — Cameran Faucette and Carman Wilson — volunteer once a month to teach the students about robotics.

Tuesday, Dec. 12 , from 6-7 p.m., the Ivy Center will host events at Faith Presbyterian Church, 913 University Drive. Sessions include A Robotics Workshop conducted by Wilson and Faucette.

Faucette is a graduate student at UAPB seeking a master’s degree in secondary education for life sciences, and Wilson is seeking her bachelor’s degree in biology. They are both scheduled to graduate during the 2017 fall commencement of UAPB.

Over the last four months, the students of the Ivy Center for Education, under the direction of Mattie Collins and Patricia Berry, have been competing. Males (Flaming Wheels) vs females (Hot Wheels) compete in robotics competition. The competition is separated into two major parts, the first is a race to see which team can build the robot the fastest, and the second part includes programming the robot to navigate an obstacle course created by Rice and his mentees.

“This competition not only helps to foster creative, innovative, and critical thinking in the students but also helps to form bonds with one another as friends and rivals as they participate in these competitive events,” according to the release.

Details: Mattie Collins, or Patricia Berry,