The season of sharing is upon us — and what better way for me to share, than to share with you what some have shared with me? I've said before that one of the great rewards of writing a weekly newspaper column is hearing from readers. Your witty observations spur my thought process to the finish line.

Feedback — even the non-agreeing kind — validates my efforts and reminds me that after 27 years of slinging ink, written words are still a worthwhile pursuit.

So, thanks for sharing ...

In response to my Nov. 26 column on voters establishing conduct standards with their votes, a reader shared a quote they read by Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine:

“No party, no cause, no struggle, however worthy, is ever free from evil. No earthly cause is entirely good. And to believe with absolute certainty that you are on ‘the right side of history,’ or on the right side of a battle between ‘good and evil,’ is a dangerous and seductive form of idolatry. It flatters yourself. And it will lead you inevitably to lose your moral bearings because soon, you will find yourself doing and justifying things that are evil solely because they advance the cause of the ‘good.’ Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself defending the molestation of a minor.”

In response to Nov. 12 column on gun laws, mental health:

"Your column made me think about the relation between a strong defense of gun ownership and conservative evangelicals who are among the most vociferous defenders of gun ownership. It led to me an interesting question: Hypothetically, if you HAD to give up either your Bible or your gun, which would you choose? My answer would be I would keep my Bible since God is sovereign and nothing is going to happen to me outside of His will whether I have a gun or not. I wonder how many people would choose their gun?"

On Halloween reminiscing (Oct. 29):

"Great reminiscence on a by gone day. Back then your Sunday School teacher didn't carry a gun to classes nor would a decent person (much less a declared Christian) vote for the scum bag we have as President, either! My gorge rises when I have to deal with the fact that so many 'whited sepulchers' now days would preach that your monkey costume was an act of worship of the Devil or his servants! Guess there never will be a shortage of consummate jackasses, huh?"

Regarding Aug. 27's column on healthcare:

"I don't need to remind you that we've got the best congress that MONEY CAN BUY. Nor that the BOOK says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Whether taken as Holy Writ or great philosophy — it has always been true that those in power will inevitably exploit the vulnerable and defenseless among them for the profits gained. Essentially, it says what people will do to defenseless and vulnerable folks for gain is the EVIL. My daughter lives in Victoria, B. C. — Canada as a 'landed immigrant' and has for the last 40 years or so. She says the Canadians are laughing themselves silly over the American people's apparent willingness to continue being ripped off by the insurance companies due to Republican insistence that everyone who can must be allowed to profit from the death and misery of the sickest people here."

On July 30's column about Trump speaking to Boy Scouts:

"What an imbecile! Just because one can be a horse's patoot, it doesn't follow that he MUST. But then we've long known all horse's behinds aren't on horses. Did anyone expect something else? He's not concerned with anyone but himself and I'm REALLY astounded that the Republican Party has not risen en masse and renounced him, impeached him if possible and as a body — exposed him world wide for what he is."

In response to Feb. 26's column on healthcare reform:

"Read your article in today’s paper and am afraid I need to point out that the American people demanded with their Presidential vote that they want 'the bleeding' to stop. The pain from that bleeding is reinforced by the obvious increases in premiums when savings were promised, the shock of those who were unable to keep their doctors and previous healthcare, and tremendous increase in numbers of experienced physicians leaving medical practice and creating challenges to find replacement physicians. I strongly agree that Americans deserve the very same medical insurance benefits enjoyed by our federal legislators Or, better yet, to assure better consideration of ALL laws that limit our freedoms."

To all of those who shared their thoughts with me, thank you. And to all, thanks for reading.

Shea Wilson is the former managing editor of the El Dorado News-Times. E-mail her at Follow her on Twitter @SheaWilson7.