Edgewood Elementary School recently decked the halls to bring unity and cheer among faculty, staff and student body.

Edgewood enrolls kindergartners and first graders in the Watson Chapel School District. The principal is Rose Martin. This event was presented by the art department under the guidance of art teacher Ashley McDonald, according to a news release. It was co-chaired by first-grade teacher Daneen Higgins.

Each grade level decorated their hallway and transitioned it into a winter wonderland. Each hall had a different theme.

Students worked to create decorations and teachers worked as teams to complete their hall’s overall theme. They used the elements of art as a criteria, color, shape, form, space and texture.

Judges for Deck the Halls came from the Pine Bluff Art League and included retired teachers Dell Gorman, Mrs. Coleman (first name not give) and Mrs. Sheffield (first name not given). These women judged by overall theme and student body participation. The winning hall award was given to kindergartners.

The Christmas Village included Santa Clause, elves, Santa’s wish list, North Pole mail, toy shop, sweet shop and a reindeer stable.