Carolyn Harness presented the program “Healthy Eating for Diabetics” at the recent meeting of the Heart-N-Hands Extension Homemakers Club.

The meeting and luncheon were held at the Centennial Fellowship Church at White Hall. Harness said that learning how to eat right is an important part of controlling diabetes. Carbohydrates in foods raise the blood glucose (blood sugar) more than any other food. It is a good idea to space the carbohydrate foods so that one can eat about the same amount at each meal. By doing this, it will help the blood glucose remain consistent in the body.

Harness stressed the importance of learning the plate method meal planning. She also presented simple guidelines to eating healthier with diabetes: 1) Eat smaller portions. 2) Learn what a serving size is for different foods; read food labels. 3) Eat less fat, especially saturated fats. 4) Eat more fiber by eating more whole-grain foods. 5) Eat less candy, baked desserts, and sugar-sweetened beverages. 6) Eat fewer processed foods such as lunch meats, canned soups, and prepared foods.

Harness also distributed handouts from the Jefferson County Extension Office, which included recipes for diabetics.

Nancy Rosen, special community service project chairwoman, reminded everyone who wished to donate Christmas ornaments for the club’s tree at Davis Life Care to do so soon. She thanked everyone who donated bingo prizes for Davis Life Care.

Delores Kelley, community service chairwoman, reported that the club has donated 330 food items towards the goal of 1,000.

Brenda Robinson, club president, thanked everyone for their participation in club activities. Cathy Lewis taught a Reversible Wooden Scarecrow/Snowman Workshop. Those attending were: Dianna Winfree, Kaye Richardson, Kelley, Jody Stout, Sharon Wardlaw, Patsy Brown, Lynda Toler, Robinson, Vivian Gerlach, Connie Herrin, Debbie James, Sandy Smith, Alpha Hopkins, Linda Murray, Joyce Johnson and Barbra Freeman.

The following members attended the Delta District Rally in Stuttgart: Rosen, Stout, Kelley, Robinson, Smith, Richardson, Gerlach, Dixie Fritz, Brown, Wardlaw, Brenda Dixon, Murray, Johnson, Carolyn and Ray Harness, Toler, Freeman, Kathryn Brown, and Hopkins. In addition, James taught a Flower Pot Snowman Workshop at the Extension Office.

One of the highlights of the Extension Homemakers year is the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Craft Retreat at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View. Those enjoying the craft classes, food, and fellowship from Heart-N-Hands EHC were: Patsy Brown, Gerlach, Wardlaw, Smith, Rosen, Debbie James, Herrin, Ruth James, Toler, Robinson, Kelley, Stout, and Richardson.

Robinson, Smith, and Rosen brought items made at the Craft Retreat for Show and Tell. Sue Womack brought a Draw String Bag.

Events also included Holiday Foods at the St. Joseph Church Parish Hall on Nov. 10; a Santa Workshop at Centennial Fellowship Church Nov. 16; Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends on Nov. 29; Smorgasbord Workshop at the Extension Office on Nov. 30; Christmas Council on Dec. 5 at the Extension Office; and a Stuffing Teaching Dolls Workshop at Herrin’s business.

Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons without discrimination.