The Arkansas Department of Health regulates the sale of food at establishments which include restaurants, bars, daycares, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores, bed and breakfast facilities, hotels/motels, mobile units and concession stands. Inspections are made unannounced by environmental health specialists.

Electronic copies of retail food inspection reports are available on the Arkansas Food Inspection Portal. To access the portal, visit the food protection page on the Arkansas Department of Health website at

The following are the results of food safety inspections conducted by the Jefferson County Health Unit:

• Fiesta Mexicona, 3141 W. 28th Ave. Date of follow-up inspection Dec. 22. Some cold holding temperatures in refrigerator next to hand-washing sink are out of safe temperature range (must be 41 degrees F or below).

• Huddle House - White Hall, 7735 Sheridan Road, 103 Woodberry Court, White Hall. Date of follow-up inspection Dec. 22. Paper towels not observed at hand-washing sink in ware-washing area. Paper towels or other hand drying device needed at all hand-washing sinks.

• Kitchen Kung Fu, 8500 Dollarway Road, White Hall. Date of follow-up inspection Dec. 22. Observed food in walk in cooler and refrigerator. Food should stay covered when being stored to prevent contamination. Food was covered during inspection.

• Colonial Steak House, 111 W. Eighth Ave. Date of inspection Dec. 21. Raw beef observed being stored above sauce. Raw meat should not be stored above ready-to-eat foods. Raw beef was moved below ready-to-eat foods during inspection.

• Chili’s, 5511 Olive St., 6820 LBJ Freeway Legal Dept. Date of inspection Dec. 20. Hand-washing sink should be used for hand washing only.