Jefferson Regional Medical Center recently introduced Arkansas’ first Caring MR Suite®. According to a news release, the suite enhances the MRI experience by allowing patients to personalize a variety of features.

Before an exam, patients may choose an ambient lighting hue, music, a 4K Nature Theme to experience, or a favorite movie to watch for the duration of the exam. Patients can request a music style or bring in music on a compatible smart phone, MP3 player or CD to listen use. The room features light panels that surround patients with their favorite color, and surround sound suite speakers.

“Bringing this technology to Arkansas is one example of how JRMC caters to patient needs while providing excellent services and technology,” said Wayne Harris, director of JRMC’s Imaging Services.

“When we were evaluating MRI systems, we had to think through whether it was really necessary to spend money on all the features that contribute to the calming elements of the suite. All studies have shown that it improved or enhanced the experience and it was just so obvious to us how important this was to our patients. In many cases, claustrophobia is a real challenge, and some people don’t realize it until the scan is underway. If we could minimize that by calming the environment, then it’s worth every penny to us,” Harris said.

In addition, The Caring MR Suite features a large bore MRI (which gives patients more room), complete with head or feet first scanning, a detachable table to transfer patients from an inpatient setting to the MRI room without having to move them multiple times, sound-dampening technology and more.

Survey results indicate 94 percent of patients who used the Caring MR Suite report an “Excellent” experience. Caring MR Suite users also report improved patient experience and less need for sedation, less failed scans and less patient movement during a scan.

The Caring MR Suite is a U.S. registered trademark of PDC Facilities Inc.