Heart-N-Hands Extension Homemakers Club held their Christmas luncheon and party at Centennial Fellowship Church at White Hall.

President Brenda Robinson welcomed everyone. She announced that the club had donated $200 to the Christmas Angel Tree at Centennial Fellowship Church as well as 402 food items toward the goal of 1,000.

Nancy Rosen, special community service project chairwoman, reported that she, Margaret Thomas and Vivian Gerlach decorated a Heart-N-Hands EHC Christmas tree at Davis Life Care center using ornaments provided by the club. Most of the ornaments were homemade by members. Some of the residents assisted decorating the tree.

Robinson thanked everyone who had worked the Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends. She said that the club had been busy doing crafts. Debbie James taught a Santa Workshop for the club. Participants had their choice of fabrics for their Santa’s outfit. Those participating included: Shirley Shelley, Gerlach, Jody Stout, Robinson, Delores Kelley, Cathy Lewis, Patsy Brown, Sharon Wardlaw, Carolyn Harness, Lynda Toler, Kaye Richardson, and Rosen.

Several members taught crafts at the county Smorgasbord Workshop at the Extension office. The instructors from Heart-N-Hands were: a snowman ornament by Richardson, gift bags using embossed stamps by Robinson, necklaces by Toler, and a top hat ornament by Kelley. Others attending the workshop were: Brown, Stout, Dixie Fritz, Lewis, Rosen, Dixon, Harness, Gerlach, James, Wardlaw and Herrin.

Mary Ann Kizer, Jefferson County Family and Consumer Sciences agent, was a guest. Kizer and Rosen, captain of the Hearty Walkers teams (Heart-N-Hands Walk Across Arkansas teams) presented certificates and key chains to the following participants in the Fall, 2017 Walk Across Arkansas: Rosen, Margaret Thomas, Betty Lacy, Liz Crosby, Brown, Fritz, Alpha Hopkins, Annette Brown, Audrey Armstrong, Herrin, Gerlach, James, Stout, Toler, Harness, Joyce Johnson, Brenda Dixon, Richardson, and Donna McGowan.

The meeting was adjourned for a Christmas luncheon and party. A silent auction was held to raise funds for the club. The club also participated in a candy/cookie exchange and a Left/Right Game for their gift exchange.

Upcoming events include the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers craft workshop on Jan. 25.

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