Southeast Arkansas residents are among honorees on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s lists at Arkansas State University at Jonesboro for fall 2017.

The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0 for spring classes. The Dean’s List (DL) includes students with a grade point average of 3.6 to 3.79.

Local honorees listed by hometowns and names include:

Casscoe, Lauren Barnett, CL; DeWitt, Shelby Corbitt, CL, Jamari Gamble, CL, Randi Hestir, CL, Beth Shadwick, CL; Gillett, Rylee Knoll, DL, Alex Trites, DL; Humphrey, Jaelyn Maddox, DL; Stuttgart, Jess Crum, CL, Micah Mitchell, DL, Kimberly Oliver, CL, Alexandria Skouras, CL, Madison Summers, DL;

Rison, Julia Bell, CL, Madeline England, DL, Britton Hargrave, CL, Taylor Russell, CL, Hannah Tisdale, CL; Hermitage, Mason Temple, DL, Collin Wilkerson, CL, Warren, Regan May, DL;

Fordyce, Shanna Hornaday, CL; Dumas, Leah Coffield, CL, Leah Day, DL, Sarah Smith, CL; Tillar, Taylor Parker, CL; Monticello, Skyler Ashley, CL, Alexandra Borchardt, CL, Zachary Cason, DL, Rebecca Jenkins, DL, Mary Jones, CL, Hannah Kling, CL, Samuel Mencer, CL, Olivia Pesaresi, CL, Cody Pigott, CL, V Pinkus, CL, Heather Rhoads, DL, Sidney Sizemore, CL, Paul Smith, CL; Wilmar, Ashley Berryman, DL; Lake Village, Kaitlin Hill, CL;

Grapevine, Sierra Cottrell, CL, Nathanael Grimes, DL; Prattsville, Kirstie Benning, CL; Sheridan, Caitlyn Barnhill, DL, Allison Berry, DL, Cassie Clement, CL, Kandria Driskill, CL, Alyssa Green, CL, Sarah Handloser, CL, Mary Johnson, DL, Kyla McCain, CL, Sarah Michael, CL, Lauren Mitchell, CL, Lakyn Oliver, CL, Sarah Stone, DL;

Pine Bluff, Bria Jones, DL, Tyler Majors, DL, Ashley Morris, CL, Shannon Nolden, CL, Jessie Sturgeon, CL, Brandon Thomas, DL; Redfield, Zachary Corbitt, CL, Baley Elkins, CL; Sherrill, Amber Adkins, DL;

White Hall, Katheryn Ashcraft, DL, Ashley Clark, CL, Jamie Cope, CL, Courtney Hendricks, DL, Kaylie Holland, DL, William Quickel, DL, Olivia Staton, CL, Tarendeep Thind, CL, Rian Thomas, DL, Anna Tietz, CL, Jake Tomboli, CL, Lindsey Williams, CL;

Grady, Hannah Powell, DL; Star City, Jessica Beatty, CL, Cassidee McGee, DL, and Colton Rudder, CL.