LITTLE ROCK –The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A) warns of a current counterfeit check scam that is targeting taxpayers and alleges to be a check from the State of Arkansas.

The check is accompanied by a letter or email stating it is payment for placing advertising on the person’s vehicle for the “Amazon Online Store” or possibly another retailer. The specific instructions are to deposit the check, keeping $500 of it and wiring the remainder to a specific account in order to receive the ads for the vehicle.

“Regarding counterfeit checks and similar scams, the Federal Trade Commission’s website explains: If you were to deposit the check and wire the money, your bank would soon learn that the check was a fake. And you’re out the money because the money you wired can’t be retrieved, and you’re responsible for the checks you deposit — even though you don’t know they’re fake,” accoding to a news release.

The checks that have come to the attention of DF&A are for varying amounts. Law enforcement has been alerted regarding these checks.