Reported crime in Pine Bluff dropped just over 12 percent in January compared to a year ago, although the city saw a spike in commercial burglaries, according to the monthly report from the Pine Bluff Police Department.

There were 361 reported crimes last month, 50 fewer than in January 2017, for a 12.17 percent decline.

In terms of crimes against persons, every category showed a decrease, with the exception of rapes and attempted rapes, which increased from four in 2017 to seven last month. There were 11 robberies reported in January, two less than in January 2017. Aggravated assaults dropped from 42 in January 2017 to 27 last month, while simple assaults also declined — from 124 a year ago to 115 last month.

There was one murder in January compared to two in January 2017. For the year of 2017, Pine Bluff recorded 28 murders. Looking at crimes against property, 18 commercial burglaries were reported in January, six more than in January 2017. Residential burglaries, however, dropped from 78 in January 2017 to 63 last month.

Reported thefts also declined last month compared to a year earlier. There were 96 thefts reported in January, 11 fewer than in January 2017.

Auto thefts also decreased from 29 in January 2017 to 23 last month.