Vicky Inich and Jo Segars were hostesses for the January Meeting of Camden Road Homemakers Club with 12 members in attendance.

President Jo Segars welcomed everyone as the meeting had to be changed because of the snow on the regular meeting day. Nancy Sumner gave the thought for the day: “Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a new ending.”

Sumner led in the reading of the Homemakers Creed. Inich gave the Handy Hint: “Make sure all family members know the name of the county parish where you live or are traveling, because tornado watches and warnings are issued for counties or parishes not individual towns or cities.”

The inspiration was given by Wanda Felts on Psalm 107:29. Roll call and was answered to the question of “Do you have a weather radio?” Four members had weather radios.

Jo Segars gave an informative program on Tornado Preparedness. All clubs in Jefferson County planned to make cookies to be given to all emergency responders on Feb. 6.

Other events are the Lawn and Garden Show on Feb. 9 with Camden Road being the first group of hostesses for Jefferson County. (The show continues Feb. 10 at the Pine Bluff Convention Center.)

The regular meeting for Camden Road Homemakers Feb. 20 is a work day to cut and sew dolls to take to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. March 7 is a meeting to be held at Ferndale. March 9 is a fellowship tour of the daffodils and Spring Council is May 1.