Walk Across Arkansas, one of the state’s largest public health initiatives, may be able to help people get motivated to exercise. Registration begins Monday, Feb. 19.

For eight weeks, thousands of Arkansans form teams and log the time they spend exercising. In 2017, participants logged more than 4.1 million minutes of exercise.

To participate, people should get two to 10 friends to form a team and register at www.uaex.edu/walk. Then, from March 11 to May 5, they should record the amount of time spent walking or getting any other form of exercise. Minutes can be logged online or participants by contacting a local county extension agent for forms.

“By committing to exercise with a team, people are more likely to get their daily workout because there are people there to hold them accountable,” said Lisa Washburn with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Social support is a powerful motivator, said Washburn, an associate professor of health and an extension specialist.

“Working as a team to accumulate minutes of exercise can increase the likelihood one will stick with their exercise routine and ultimately improve their health,” she said. “It also includes an element of accountability – no one wants to be the person to drag the team average down – and it can be more fun.”

Details: Walk Across Arkansas, www.uaex.edu/walk or a county extension agent.