Schools in Pine Bluff and Jefferson County are making a commitment to reduce violent behaviors on their campuses, according to a news release from Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration.

“Students are following the nonviolence principles used by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with an aim to reduce violent behaviors on campus by choosing 50, 55, 60 days to go ‘From Nonviolence to No Violence,’” according to the release.

The Pen or Pencil “From Nonviolence to No Violence Challenge” has been accepted by White Hall and Robert F. Morehead middle schools, Jack Robey Junior High School and Watson Chapel High School totaling approximately 2,000 students, according the release.

The participating schools have chosen to reduce certain behaviors including verbal conflicts, hitting/pushing, insubordination, fighting, bullying, gang behavior, demeaning language and class disruption.

To become one of the schools committed to participate, visit the Arkansas Department of Education’s website at or contact Arkansas’ Lead Pen or Pencil Affiliate at 870-730-1131.