Pearliner Johnson Logwood of Pine Bluff will celebrate her 100th birthday on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

She is the widow of Roosevelt Logwood. Born Feb. 14, 1918, at Richland Parrish, Louisiana, she was the daughter of LeDell Johnson and Mary Baker Johnson.

The eldest of three children, she was the sister of the late Cread Johnson and George W. Johnson, according to a press release.

Logwood moved to Pine Bluff in 1948 and is a retired beautician and seamstress. Logwood enjoyed fishing, (her last fishing outing was last year), hunting and trapping squirrels (some in her back yard).

Although she had no children of her own, she has helped to nurture and raise others as she also worked as a domestic, according to the news release. She is still contacted by some of those individuals.

Logwood is the oldest member of the New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church and attended regularly, until her health began to deteriorate.

She loves to read, do quilting, sew and loves her two dogs Blackie and Sweetie, who are very protective of her.

At her age, Logwood still prefers to be as independent as possible.

“I want to do whatever I can, while I can,” she said. “I talk to the Lord every time I think about Him and I want to get as close to Him as I can, because I want to be ready, when He comes back.”

She tells neighbors and friends that she knows the Lord has kept her here this long and He is still keeping her and she puts her trust in Him daily, “because people will let you down,” according to the release.

Though she didn’t finish high school, she did obtain two occupational licenses, which helped to provide a better living for her, according to the release.