After 35 years with the Arkansas State Police, Leonard Hogg decided that a change of scenery was the right move for him.

After 35 years with the Arkansas State Police, Leonard Hogg decided that a change of scenery was the right move for him.

Hogg — who was troop commander of Troop E, which includes Jefferson County— retired at the end of June and come Jan. 1 will become sheriff of Lincoln County, trading in a blue uniform for a brown one.

"He was a great guy to work with," said Lloyd Franklin, who was a captain and served as troop commander of Troop E until he retired in 2012.

Under Franklin, Hogg was assistant troop commander after transferring back to Troop E from State Police Headquarters in Little Rock where he worked in administrative services in 2010.

"He kept me informed on what was going on and helped contribute to keeping the morale of the troop up," Franklin said. "That was one of the things I paid attention to because when morale is up, performance is up."

Hogg began his career in September 1979 and spent more of his career in the Southeast Arkansas area, working in Troop E and Troop F, which is located in Warren.

"Leonard and I started out in law enforcement at about the same time," State Rep. Mike Holcomb (D-Pine Bluff) said. "He went to the state police and I went to the sheriff’s office so we kind of went our separate ways but we stayed in touch."

A retirement party for Hogg was held June 27 at Bethany Baptist Church at White Hall and among those attending was Department of Corrections Director Ray Hobbs.

"He is an honorable, noble man," Hobbs said in an email to The Commercial." We have a strong working relationship with the state police and I chalk that up to Capt. Hogg’s leadership. He will be missed."

Hogg received awards from the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Marshal’s Service, the Governor’s Office and many others during the retirement party.

State police records indicated that Hogg was promoted to sergeant in 1999, to lieutenant in 2006 and captain in 2012.

"I’m proud to say that I was the colonel who promoted Leonard to captain," said State Police Director Col. Stan Witt.

Current Assistant Troop Commander Lt. David Sims said Hogg was "a mentor and a friend and he will be missed."

"I hate to see him leave the state police but I think he will make a great sheriff in Lincoln County," Holcomb said.

In brief remarks, Hogg thanked all the people he had worked with at Troop E and talked about attending the graduation ceremony for a new class of state troopers in Little Rock.

During that ceremony, Gov. Mike Beebe said when the new troopers put on their uniforms, they become members of a second family and Hogg agreed, saying that the state police and its people "are a second family."