A man who shot himself in front of police Monday has died of his injuries.

A man who shot himself in front of police Monday has died of his injuries.

Glendale Head, 65, of Pine Bluff died at the hospital shortly after shooting himself once in the chest, according to a press release from police spokesman officer Richard Wegner. Police are still investigating what led to the incident.

Pine Bluff police officers Keith Wright and Princess Danzy were patrolling in the area of Dollarway Road and Moreland Street at about 4 p.m. Monday when Head flagged them down.

Head was sitting in the driver’s seat of a car with the door open and his feet on the ground outside, according to a report from Wright.

"I approached the vehicle from behind," Wright said in the report. "When I reached the rear of the vehicle, I asked Mr. Head if everything was OK. Mr. Head began exiting the vehicle. As he was standing up, I observed a black-colored long-barrel revolver in Mr. Head’s right hand."

Wright said he and Danzy drew their weapons and "Mr. Head turned the barrel towards his chest and fired one round. Mr. Head was leaning against the door of the vehicle. I hollered ‘put the gun on the ground.’ Mr. Head refused. I approached Mr. Head, grabbed the weapon and pulled it out of Mr. Head’s hands."

Danzy called for an ambulance and first responders, then approached Head and, according to the report, "grabbed him by the right hand. I holstered my duty weapon and then took a hold of Mr. Head’s left hand. We then slowly eased Mr. Head to the ground."

Wright said as he and Danzy were placing Head on the ground, he said "I need one more."

"I asked Mr. Head ‘what is your name? What was wrong?’ And why did he do this?" Wright said in the report. "He did not respond to any of my questions. Officer Danzy was telling Mr. Head to ‘keep breathing and stay with us.’"

Head was pronounced dead in the emergency room at Jefferson Regional Medical Center at 4:21 p.m., according to Jefferson County Coroner Chad Kelley.

At the monthly Coffee with the Chiefs program, sponsored by Interested Citizens for Voter Registration on Tuesday, Police Chief Jeff Hubanks talked about the incident.

"Yesterday, we had a very disturbing event," Hubanks said. "We had a gentleman commit suicide in front of two of our officers. We are going to do our part to try and figure out what caused that event."

Hubanks also praised Wright for "taking the gun away from a man who was obviously dangerous. That kind of bravery is special and noteworthy."

Wright and Danzy are assigned to the department’s Bicycle Patrol.