Editor, The Commercial:

[Arkansas Governor] Asa [Hutchinson] signed the bill putting the Ten Commandments on the Capitol lawn. He’s a lawyer and knew it wouldn’t pass the Supreme Court. But before he was a lawyer, he and his wife were graduates of the fundamentalist Bob Jones University. He won’t publicly admit that now but it still compels him to sign bills by religious nuts that he knows to be illegal.

Sen. Jason Rapert says the Ten Commandments are the basis of American law. Some questions: Please show me where the Ten Commandments make the genocide of the Native Americans O.K.? Where does it authorize The Trail of Tears? Where does it make the Salem Witch Trials O.K.? Which Commandment made Slavery O.K.? Where does Jim Crow get authorized ? Where is the internment of those innocent Japanese morally right?

For that matter, where did it say torture and secret prisons under Geo. W. Bush was O.K.? The simple fact is that Jason Rapert is a phony who is pushing his religion on us with the lie that our government was built on the Ten Commandments. The above stated proves that.

And our governor is complicit in that effort because he signs such bills out of religious compulsion or to get the cooperation of his fellow fundamentalists in his “save rich folks’ money ” administration.

Time will bear out what I’m writing here, I believe. Not to mention the taxpayers’ money it will cost us in the courts!

Karl Hansen