Failing to properly present a message is guaranteed to evoke anger and confusion.

Nonetheless, too many people ignore that concept as they opt to “speak their mind” instead. And for what it’s worth, the candor typically does more harm than good.

Currently, another public figure is in the midst of controversy due to speaking in an uncouth manner.

And I’m not referring to the individual who’ll soon be the 45th president of the United States.

In this instance, it’s gospel music legend Kim Burrell, who has become the subject of widespread scrutiny.

Burrell, a Houston native, recently condemned the act of homosexuality – referring to it as perverted – while delivering a sermon at Love & Liberty Fellowship Church. Eventually, her statements went viral and instantly caused a stir.

Due to the backlash, Burrell has attempted to clarify her stance. However, the damage has already been done.

The singer was scheduled to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. But the opportunity to perform a song she did with Pharrell Williams was nixed. DeGeneres – who is openly gay – decided against allowing Burrell to appear on her program.

Additionally, Texas Southern University announced that it had removed Burrell’s weekly radio show from its airwaves.

Burrell has nobody to blame but herself. She should have been more careful disclosing her viewpoint.

But I actually feel kind of bad for her.

As a Christian who believes every jot and tittle of the Bible, I agree with Burrell from the standpoint of homosexuality being immoral. But so are deceit, fornication and adultery. It would have been appropriate for Burrell to also reference each of those sinful acts after revealing her disdain for homosexuality.

Another issue with Burrell’s statement is it had no trace of love.

Christianity is a lifestyle. Foremost among the tenets is to exude love to all individuals. Burrell’s words were mean. The particular portion of her sermon that went viral was not stated with love in mind.

I fully understand that the word of God is meant to correct and rebuke. But there’s a right and a wrong way to try and fulfill the Great Commission and motivate someone to evaluate their lifestyle.

Legions of people are upset with Burrell. But she also has a vast amount of support. Her situation has become the epitome of a divisive topic, especially within the African-American community.

The discord is a byproduct of Burrell failing to deliver her message in a proper way.

So the lesson to be gleaned from this saga is: Words are powerful, be forever cautious of how you use them.

Kev Moyè is an Arkansas journalist and can be reached via e-mail at