Editor, The Commercial:

Did many of the readership see Asa’s “Task Force” on T. V. that he’s gonna fix Arkansas’ crime wave with? It was noted that Chief Buckner was away at a funeral. Well, that explains ONE!

But I looked in vain for any other black person among those Asa had speaking to the assembled press.

Seems reminiscent of the school integration mess in the fifties! The white V.I.P.’s told folks what the black folks could do and NOT do. The whole shebang said in so many words, “We white folks are running this danged show, and if we wanted you black folks’ input, we’d have asked you for it.”

SO, we’ve been in court ever since to keep the white Chamber of Commerce happy and in charge. If black folks get any say-so then we’ll just resort to private schools, State takeovers and “Open Enrollment Charters.”

There recently has been an upsurge of gang like activity among black folks in Central Arkansas. What on earth makes the white big shots think it can be or will be resolved with top down force by the white factions? Until the black community assumes some leadership in the suppression of that sort of thing by cooperating with the law enforcement authorities, ain’t gonna happen! And until the folks in government admit and act on the fact that black cooperation is necessary —- it’s an exercise in futility.

It’s about time we ALL realize that one’s color does NOT indicate entitlement or superior intellect — whether one is black or white.

Unless we all admit we, as the HUMAN race are in fact interdependent on one another for the success of a free society — -we will not much longer remain a free society and people! What’s most important —- your race, your politics, your religion —- or leaving an habitable world for your kids and grand kids?

Karl Hansen