The first step in surrendering to God’s will is to acknowledge that life becomes uncontrollable under our control and by submitting to His higher power, we become tuned in to the life that He wants for us.

Often times, we seek the will of God when a crisis, an unfilled desire in our lives, desperation or a need brings us to surrendering ourselves to it. But this is not a bad thing.

Broken relationships, failed careers, anxieties, fears, sicknesses and even deaths, instead of knocking a person down, these things actually bring a person to their knees — not in despair but in prayer.

A stone wall can either stop you or reveal a hidden door waiting to be opened. A crisis can take you to a place where God can lead you and teach you. We all have had some weaknesses or feelings of brokenness or helplessness, but when we admit to God the real issues in our lives, our powerlessness to control our own lives and then turn them over to God, we regain our wholeness.

And when we regain that wholeness, we can look at life a little differently. Yes, trials will still come. People will still disappoint and mistreat us. Pain will still come to some of us, but as we journey through this life, we will know that God will still be with us, loving us, forgiving us, guiding us, and giving us the power to handle and accept what comes our way.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow — our help in ages past and future. When we give up the compulsiveness to control everything and everyone, then we can really truly live the life God desired for us from the very beginning.

The Rev. Tonya Boyce is the executive director of Eternal Grace Ministries of Pine Bluff.

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