Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Looking for a job? Then look at the stickers on what you bought at that "Big Box" store! Made in CHINA. Made in BANGLADESH. Made in INDIA. Made in MEXICO.

Why? Because the supposed "American" corporations have moved your job to those slave-wage countries. The present tax codes allow the possibility to do that at a great profit for them. Your congresspersons whose campaigns were increasingly funded by those corporations were bribed in that way to pass tax codes favorable to them, and did not give you, the American voter, a second thought. A new bunch is doing the same thing already for the next election.

The average voter these days is woefully ignorant of the ways in which they enable the wealthy to get wealthier at the expense of the working person. Then these powerful companies develop so much clout that they write the bills passed by their bribed congresspersons. The courts dare not rein them in as they exploit the common folk more and more. Banks presently have stopped implementation of new banking rules.

In the long term, your job left because you saved a nickel on the dollar at that "Great Big Store" and you didn’t even notice it was leaving! Want some more of it? Just keep voting in folks whose campaigns are funded by big money corporations and you’ll get it!

Karl Hansen