Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

My name is Marjorie Means Coleman. William Toler and I are former residents of Pine Bluff. We currently reside in Maryland and would like to write this letter to express our concerns.

As a result of the fatal killing of 107-year-old Monroe Isadore on Sept. 7 we want to register a protest. We are the grandchildren of the Rev. Lula R. Toler, founder and executive director of the Lula Toler Convalescent Home, which serviced the elderly in Pine Bluff for many years. Monroe Isadore was a valued employee at the convalescent home as well as a respected member of the community. We are appalled to hear that as he attained the unprecedented age of 107; he was not accorded the dignity and respect of his station of life.

We hope that the investigation will include recommendations for training for police officers to better handle situations such as this one in a more humane manner.

Marjorie Means Coleman

William A. Toler

Adelphi, Md.