Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In 2005 I campaigned for passage of Act.1775, along with others of like mind. That act requires elected school board members to participate in a minimum of six hours of instruction in the duties and limitations of school board members. Records of attendance are to be kept and published of attendance for public benefit.

Why have we had the malfeasance and demonstrated ignorance of proper conduct and procedures on so many school boards in recent times? And where are the records we should have seen?

Arkansas municipal law governs the actions and reasons for recusing by those elected to positions of governance, and they differ according to the class of city. There are penalties provided for those who choose to defy these laws.

Those laws make no exceptions in case the official does not like another elected person they must work with or for. It provide penalties for breaking the laws to further one’s own personal agendas. There are no exceptions made for one’s race, gender or social station either!

Anyone who will not or cannot comply with the above referenced laws should expect to be held accountable for that. There ARE CONSEQUENCES !

When elected, they become, to coin a phrase, "our hired help." At whatever point they hold themselves not obligated to answer to and for their electorate — that’s the day they should promptly resign. One’s personal agenda of whatever sort, be that racism, classism or just plain pig headedness, does not outweigh the right of the electorate to the unbiased and willing services of our "hired help!"

Karl Hansen