Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I am compelled to express my disappointment in the actions of Alderman Steven Mays.

During the wake for my mother at Brown Mortuary, Alderman Mays entered the chapel. When he greeted me, he looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure of his identity. I thought he might have been a relative from another state or a friend of the family until he pressed his business card into the palm of my hand.

It obviously did not occur to Mays that the majority of the people at the wake were not registered voters in his ward, city, county, or even state.

I’m aware that he is currently addressing issues regarding taxes and the 71602 zip code. However, in actuality, we are residents of the 71602 zip code in an adjacent county, not Jefferson County.

If his intentions were benevolent and he wanted to offer assistance, I still cannot think of any assistance that we would have needed from an alderman during our time of mourning.

Kathy Houston

Pine Bluff